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Hello everyone,

Welcome to DomainsUniversity.ComThis is small place to learn about all things related to domaining/ domain flipping and much more Firstly I would like to introduce myself and my journey to develop this website.

I am Sanket Kedari and I am from Pune,India.

I started to learn about blogging and Domain Flipping almost a year ago. Since then I learned something new something valuable everyday.. I was very excited at the start of this journey but I soon realized one simply cannot search what one does not know. So I asked friends and read posts on various blogs .I found tremendous information everywhere and it confused me more  I did not find a step by step guide for learning Domain trading but found a lot of information  on current topics, issues and latest trends. As I was just starting out in this field I wanted to know as much as I possibly could to make sound investments and not go bankrupt (just a term again, losing is part of learning and one will start making money from the very first day in this industry).

I learned many things from many platforms, I read old articles on many informative sites so I could track where to start also asked my friends who were already making very good amount ($xx to $xxx) from investing very low ($x). I have learned many things but not everything no one can say he knows everything about Domain trading- it is simply not possible.

Finally I decided to build a blog site for all newbies who want to enter domain flipping and earn and build their own empire. I am not a professional this is my very tiny attempt to Learn, Earn and Share.

I have decided to start with posting an article daily  on what to buy today ? and  will also write about what to look for in a domain and how to buy, from where to buy.

I have very little experience compared to all Domainers who are already in this industry. Everyone is welcome on this blog to share their words.


Tip: One can learn Domaining only with experience it is not simple math to add 2 and 2 and result will be 4. Domains are very complicated and every domain has unique advantages, disadvantages and values. I am trying my best to make it simple though !!!


Thank you Guys !!

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